Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier



The BSC is a surf club affiliated to the French Federation of Surf lifesaving and First Aid. It was founded in 1995 in Biarritz, at the Côte des basques, in the Atlantic Pyrenees.

The physical and technical skills of the surf lifesavers of the club are quickly being noticed when selecting professionals’ lifeguards for the vigilance of the beaches of Biarritz.

In 2001, the Biarritz surf club takes its current name with the purpose of developing the Surf lifesaving sports. The surf club keep in mind the following:

  • Practice of the sport (in the surf or in the pool).
  • Get First Aid Training and to surf rescue.
  • Mobilize safety teams to sports and cultural events.

In order to support the professional goals for their members that want to patrol their beaches, the Surf Club launched the first training sessions for surf rescue and first aid. First the National Safety diploma of Surf Rescue, with the requirement of First Aid training in a team.

At the same time, in a desire to train the population in first aid actions, training sessions on Prevention and Civic Rescue 1 were created for the public.
Since 2005, to increase the diffusion of first aid techniques, you can become a first aid trainer.

with operational rescue

Everywhere in France, lifesaving sport is gaining in scope and actively developing, through the French Federation of Rescue and First Aid. Several associations are emerging on the Aquitaine coast.

In 2004, after returning from the world championships which took place in Italy, the club acquired its first surfboat.

In 2006, Biarritz hosted the French Surf lifesaving championships.

Since 2007, the association has taken over from fireman in providing training for lifeguards employed on the beaches of Biarritz. Here is a filmed extract of the training course.

From 2010 and the creation of the national club ranking, Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier is ranked in the Top 6, thus obtaining the status of an elite club.

Dominators in the sports world of rescue and enterprising in first aid training, the leaders of the association wanted to develop a complementary component, operational rescue. From then on, the Biarritz SC acquired its first ambulance to provide operational first aid stations at various sporting and cultural events on the Basque Coast.

In 2012, true water sports enthusiasts, the Watermans of Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier wish to develop the practice of Bodysurfing. The club then affiliated with the French Surf Federation.

In 2013, faced with demand in the territory, the association acquired a second ambulance.

The next year, during the French Championships in Hossegor, the Bask club began their coronation of French champion, which would last 4 years, until 2017.

In terms of first aid, the Biarritz Surf lifesaving became actively involved in drafting the content of the new national diploma entitled “Sauveteur Secouriste Aquatique” in the coast, and became in April 2015, the first organization in France to provide it.

For Aussies 2016, the prestigious Australian National Championships, the Biarritz surfboat crew, helmed by its president Manu IMMIG, climbed to 3rd place on the podium!

At the same time, the surf club renew its fleet of cars and provides 3 ambulances.

During 2018, the board management decided to remodel the club storage with separate spaces for training and operational emergency equipment. The club is also setting up a bodybuilding and cross training area to develop the general physical preparation of athletes.

In 2019, more than 1000 members aged from 7 to 77 years old get invested in different areas, that collaborate to the health and dynamism of the Surf club:

  • A wider audience learns to secure sporting skills in the environment,
  • Athletes achieve high level sporting performances,
  • Trainers with recognized teaching quality, provide 88 training sessions per year
  • 95 rescuers perform 3,430 hours of volunteer work per year, ensuring the safety of 53 events.

During summer 2019, the club acquires 20 surfskis, to develop training to get more competitors to participate to surf ski events.

The year 2020 was marked by the global health crisis but the club has been able to adapt and rebound to ensure the continuity of sports training, first aid training as well as its operational support to local structures.

Thanks to the participation of all members, but also thanks to the confidence granted by the municipality of Biarritz, the club is now giving itself the opportunity to achieve its ambitions.


The Surf Club Status

Association governed by the law of July 1, 1901, the legal capacity of the BSC is declared in the sub-prefecture of Bayonne. The last status approved in 2013.

Download the status

Club Organisation

Given the size of the surf club and its volume of activity and success, the offices have hired several employees since July 1, 2004. There are currently 9 of them: 3 for administration and 6 sports educators.

For further details, please refer to the employees or office bearers.

Nota: all employees and educators have an email address such as:

Organisational chart


All office bearers mentioned here above are volunteers. Thanks for your understanding.

Do you want to contact an office bearer?
Contact them by email:

BNSSA Training course

Water Safety training supervised by René DUBES and Daniel SCHLIENGER
Assisted by Maryse DUBES and Monique SCHLIENGER.



Organisational chart


Here is the trombinoscope of the Board of Management


All members mentioned here below are employees (except the president).

Organisational chart


Administrative agents

Mika – Surf lifesaving director

  • Human ressources management
  • Budget management
  • External communications with schools and organizations
  • Surf club development

Clément – Civil Security Manager

  • Educational manager (management of a team, equipment, infrastructure, trainers, and members of first aid training)
  • Management of the operational organization (management of equipment, infrastructure, and volunteer rescuers
  • In charge of the OHS project (First Aid at work)
  • In charge of the project « 1 member = 1 lifesaver »
  • In charge of trainer développement (PSC, PS ou SSA).

Alexandra – Secretary of Biarritz Surf Club

  • General Management administration
  • Membership management of Surf Lifesaving school
  • Surf Club administration
  • Website and social media management
  • Events administration management.


  • Supervision of the activities of Surf lifesaving school
  • Management of General Physical preparation of athletes.
  • Responsible of training groups (D5, P4 et C3);
  • Responsible of sports rules
  • Coordinator of the sport section of the highschool Jean Rostand;
  • SSA Training management,
  • Responsible of Training management of trainees (PSC, PS or SSA).


  • Supervision of the activities of Surf lifesaving school
  • Responsible of training groups (C1 & C2, E1 & E2);
  • Coordinator of the sport section of the high school Jean Rostand; Class 6th/5th and 4th/3
  • Responsible of the project Kids and the Ocean
  • Responsible of Bodysurf activity
  • SSA Training management.


  • Supervision of the activities of Surf lifesaving school
  • Responsible of training groups D1, 2A, 3A, 3B;
  • Coordinator of the sport section of the high school Jean Rostand; Class 6th/5th.
  • Responsible of the project Kids and the Ocean
  • SSA Training management.


  • Supervision of the activities of Surf lifesaving school
  • Responsible of training groups D4 A & B, P1,2 & 3;
  • Coordinator of the sport section of the high school Jean Rostand; Class 6th/5th.
  • Responsible of the project Kids and the Ocean.


  • Supervision of the activities of Surf lifesaving school
  • Responsible of training groups D- 2B;
  • Responsible of the project Kids and the Ocean.


At every competition, the Biarrots are present at any age category.
They perform in any event of surf lifesaving: pool rescue, surf & sand events, surfboats, long distance…

The Hall of Fame doesn’t stop from growing. Please find below some important results.

2020: No championship (Covid health crisis)
2019: 1st out of 111 with 41343 pts
2018 : 1st out of 95 with 44538 pts
2017 : 3rd out of 82 with 10041 pts
2016: 2nd out of 89 with 23136 pts
2015: 1st out of 89 with 16 695 pts
2014: 1st out of 73 with 15 851 pts
2013: 2nd out of 65 with 12 257,5 pts
2012: 5th out of 65 with 11 154 pts
2011: 3rd out of 56 with 13 806 pts
2010: 3rd out of 51 with 12 616 pts

2019 : 2nd with 1372 pts
2018: 2nd with 1419 pts
2017: 2nd with 1260 pts
2016: 1st
2015: 1st out of 38 with 1646 pts
2014: 1st out of 36 with 1612 pts
2013: 1st out of 34 with 1538,5 pts
2012: 2nd out of 29 with 1632 pts
2011: 2ième
2010: 3ième

2019 : 7th with 376 pts
2018 : 10th with 317 pts
2017: 4th with 449 pts
2016: 4th
2015: 7th out of 44 with 386 pts
2014: 9th out of 49 with 379 pts
2013: 7th out of 43 with 400 pts
2012: 10th out of 36 with 285 pts

2021 : 6th out of 26 with 501 pts

2021 : 1st with 1601 pts
2020 : No competition (Covid health crisis)
2019 : 2nd out of 42 with 966 pts
2018 : 3rd out of 46 with 710 pts
2017: 2nd out of 35 with 1023 pts
2016: 2nd out of 43 with 884 pts
2015: 2nd surf lifesaving club (detailed general classification not reached)
2014: 10th out of 61 with 304 pts
2013: 6th out of 61 with 369 pts (2nd surf lifesaving club with 290 pts)
2012: 6th out of 37 with 382 pts (4th surf lifesaving club with 293 pts)

Riccione – Sept 2019
51 masters podiums (26 titles, 16 2nd place, 9 3rd place)
21 interclub podiums
(6 titles, 9 2nd place, 6 3rd place)
1st surf lifesaving club and 4th in juniors category
6th surf lifesaving club and 14th in open category.

Alicante – Sept 2015 – Masters
7 podiums (3 titles, 3:  2nd place, 1 3rd place)

Cardiff – Aug 2015 – Seniors
10 podiums (1 title, 5: 2nd place, 4: 3rd place)
European male interclub champion
3rd at interclub mixed

Noordwijk/Eindhoven (Pays-Bas) – Sept. 2016
20 podiums (9 titles, 4: 2nd place, 7: 3rd place)

Montpellier – Sept 2014
18 podiums (5 titles, 5: 2nd place, 8: 3rd place)
3rd club for U18.