Team First Aid level 1
Continuing training

The annual Team First Aid continuing training is compulsory for any person holding a diploma whose validity is subject to the holding of First Aid level 1 and wishing to continue to exercise the functions assigned to this specific diploma.

Hold the Team First Aid Level 1 diploma.

  • Revision of all or part of the techniques
  • Updating of skills
  • Input on possible reforms
  • Content varies by year

Throughout the training, trainees are assessed on:

  • The realization of techniques reviewed and previously taught;
  • The acquisition of new techniques and knowledge.

At the end of continuing training, an assessment is carried out, in order to decide whether or not to validate the participant in PES 1 continuing training. Failure to validate results in a temporary incapacity to perform the functions corresponding to the level 1 qualification and requires an upgrade of knowledge, until a new favourable assessment is made. Validated candidates are given a Team First Aid level 1 Continuing Certificate.


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