Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier

Swimming Supervisor Certificate (BSB)

The holder of the Swimming Supervisor Certificate (BSB) can supervise a bathing in a holiday or leisure centre.

For more information contact Maryse at

  • Be 18 years old
  • Be recognized as medically fit for swimming and water rescue.

€180 as a free candidate

€250 with an organization



The holder of the French National Water Safety and Rescue Certificate (BNSSA) is responsible for ensuring the safety of baths equipped and regulated and, in some cases, that of swimming establishments with paid access.

Information meeting on Friday 24 September 2021 at 19:00 at the Maison des Associations (2 Rue Darrichon)

The BNSSA is available to anyone with a PSE 1 diploma and who is at least 17 years oldThe diploma is then issued when the candidate is 18 years old or emancipated.

For further information, please contact the trainer: René DUBES at bnssa@biarritzsauvetagecotier.com

€290 if aquatic formation only

Discounts of 30€, 80€ or 160€ in the case of an order including successively the diplomas PSE1, PSE 2 and SSAL.

In order to reserve a place for the BNSSA, please complete and bring the attached file during the information meeting on Friday 24 September 2021 at 19:00 at the Maison des Associations de Biarritz (2 Rue Darrichon)

Pre-registration file BNSSA 2021



The diploma of “Surveillance et Sauvetage Aquatique sur le Littoral” gives you the possibility to monitor bodies of water in natural environment, open to the public free of charge, landscaped and regulated (ex: beachlake,…).

You must hold PSE1 in order to register for the SSA.

Receive your diploma once you graduate from PSE2 and BNSSA.

Equipment required: Open-Boot Fins, Neoprene 4/3 Wet suit




The SAMN instructor course is open to anyone wishing to obtain the technical and pedagogical skills required for the teaching of Water Rescue in Natural Environment.

The participant must hold the Aquatic Surveillance and Rescue diploma (with boat operation option) and a Instructor Diploma (Prevention and Civic Aid or First Aid).

They must also be knowledgeable and proficient in all SSA program techniques.




The Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport, specialty Aquatic Activities and Swimming is a sports educator’s state diploma that allows you to teach as a lifeguard master with dual teaching and supervision skills.

Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier doesn’t propose this training but works in close collaboration with the Basque Academy of Sport.