level 1

Prevent risks, ensure one’s own safety and that of others, take appropriate action in the event of an accident and/or physical distress, with or without first aid equipment, alone or as part of a team called upon to participate in organised relief, under the control of public authorities.

CPF : 236482

The PSE 1 training course is open to anyone who wishes to have a professional, voluntary or voluntary activity within a public body or an accredited civil security association. It effectively complements the PSC1 or the SST by the contribution of new knowledge and the realization of many concrete cases. Participants must be over the age of 16.

“Level 1 – First Aid” Teaching Unit purpose is to provide the learner with the skills necessary to provide technical and human assistance to one or more victims, either alone or as part of a team, with or without equipment, pending or in addition to the relevant public emergency services.

35 hours divided into 16 modules:

  1. The rescuer
  2. The rescue chain
  3. Security
  4. The alert
  5. Brutal airway obstruction
  6. External bleeding
  7. Unconsciousness
  8. Respiratory Cardiac Arrest
  9. Automated external defibrillation
  10. The vital distress
  11. Sickness and sickness
  12. Accidents to the skin
  13. Trauma of bones and joints
  14. Drowning
  15. Monitoring and Travel Assistance
  16. Wrap-up

Throughout the training, trainees are evaluated on:

  • Their acquisition of techniques as they are learned;
  • Their ability to implement procedures in practical situations.

At the end of the training, a review of all the results obtained is carried out, in order to decide whether or not to validate the participant in the PES 1 training. In some cases, a catch-up day may be proposed.

Attention to work with your diploma, an annual refresher is mandatory => See First Aid Continuous Training

€220 with a free pocket mask

Optional memento at 15 €

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