Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier

The holder of the Swimming Supervisor Certificate (BSB) can supervise a bathing in a holiday or leisure centre.

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  • Be 18 years old
  • Be recognized as medically fit for swimming and water rescue.
  1. Throwing the lifebuoy
  2. 50m rescue mannequin
  3. 200m obstacle course
  1. PSC 1 program test,
  2. Questions on the regulation and organisation of bathing in holiday and leisure centres,
  3. Questions on drowning prevention,
  4. First aid and resuscitation practice.

The training is composed of :

  • Aquatic training (between 2 and 14 hours depending on level)
  • PSC1 (7 hours)
  • Regulations + beach accidents. (8 hours)

Every 5 years the holder will have to retake the following tests to be able to continue to benefit from his diploma:

  • 50m rescue mannequin
  • 200m with obstacle clearance
  • Emergency First Aid for Accidents and Drowning
  • First Aid and Resuscitation Practical Test

    • Foreign Object
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Cardiac arrest and alerting
    • Population Alert

€180 as a free candidate

€250 with an organization

  • PSC1 + regulation on 7 and 8 May
  • Exam : Saturday morning, May 14.

Please find attached the registration package to be completed and sent by email to clement.rodolfo@biarritzsauvetagecotier.com

BSB registration file – 2021

To enroll