BNSSA recycling
Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier

The holder of the B.N.S.S.A. who wishes to extend the validity of his diploma is subject, every five years, to a maintenance check.

Rescue course (100m) to be completed in less than 3 minutes

  • Departure from the edge of the basin or a starting point, followed by 25 metres of free surface swimming;
  • 2 courses of 25 meters, each comprising 15 meters in complete immersion on a defined path (materialized on the bottom and on the edges), without the candidate taking support;
  • a duck dive, followed by the search for a dummy that rests between 1.80 meters and 3.70 meters deep;
  • the candidate raises the manikin to the surface, then the trailer for 25 metres, face out of the water.

Assistance to people in difficulty (to be done in shorts and tee shirt)

It involves rescuing a person in an aquatic environment who includes:

  • the rescue of a person who simulates a distress situation at least 15 metres away and not more than 25 metres from the edge;
  • the victim seizes the rescuer from the front; after clearing the situation, the rescuer transports the victim to the edge safely; during the journey the rescuer reassures the victim;
  • the rescuer removes the victim from the water without using ladders or any other equipment;
  • After securing the victim, the candidate performs a vital function check and then briefly explains the procedure.

In order to be considered suitable, the candidate must complete the 2 tests in the time allotted and under the conditions prescribed above.


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