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The “Dispositif Prévisionnel de Secours”

The First Aid known as DPS (Dispositif de Premiers Secours) is mandatory for all cultural or sport event, fair, gathering or concert welcoming public. The aim is to ensure public safety and to oversee the surveillance of the performers.

Our interest is to be able to manage emergency first aid situations and deliver competent emergency care until the arrival of professional medical support. This also helps to reduce some mild interventions and to liberate emergency structures for more serious cases (SAMU, ER, etc)

There are 4 categories for the First Aid Stations
  • Emergency First Aid Station. Is the smallest structure for First Aid. It is organized by a team of 2 lifesavers for small sized events.
  • DPS-PE (First Aid small-size):  It is formed by 4-12 people.
  • DPS-ME: (First Aid middle-size): this first aid is composed of 12-36 lifesavers. It is equivalent to 3 DPS-ME.
  • DPS-GE (First Aid Big-size): It’s a DPS of 36 people split into 4 small groups, in different places with different functions for every single function of first Aid.

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Our organisation can analyse your needs considering all the requirements of your event. The sizing of the First Aid Station is defined according to an evaluation table edited by the Ministry of the interior. It considers the following criteria:

  • Site event access
  • Attendance and behaviour of the public
  • Public Emergency response time

If you would like to get further information, please fill-up this form to be contacted and provide you a tailor-made quote.


They trust us !

At Biarritz Surf lifesaving club, we work often with different local organisations to provide DPS of different scales, giving us their confidence every year.

Some of our collaborations are:
Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque, (football games), Biarritz’s events (Casetas de Biarritz, Wheel&waves, Biarritz en été), or even Surf, Foot and Rugby national federations.

  • 2 884 hrs of volunteers
  • 98 dates
  • 63 events

For further information, you can contact our First Aid Stations Manager, David by email at:


At Biarritz Surf lifesaving club, you can become an active lifesaver in a human sized organisation, at the events of the region.

We work regularly as lifesavers in many major events such as: Casetas de Biarritz, Music Festival of Biarritz en été, Wheels&Waves, but also in such important sport events such as: Biarritz Olympique matches, Skate French Championship, World Longboard Championship, World Football Cup U19.

Most of the missions are held during the weekend, very exceptionally during the week. The work and studies are not an obstacle, our lifesavers have also a professional activity or are following their studies.

To integrate our team, we can propose you a training course type PSE1 and PSE2 in return for your volunteer commitment.

The requirements are to have 16 years old, have a good physical fitness (medical certificate required), be motivated and serious.

Thanks to our organisation, you can learn skills and evolve towards more responsibilities through various federal training courses.

  • Trainee if you have the PSC1
  • Lifesaver if you have PSE1 qualification
  • Team leader lifesaver once you have the PSE2
  • Supervisor (Team Manager, First Aid Manager, logistics, communications)
  • First Aid Trainer (PSC, PSE)

To carry out our First Aid missions properly, the Biarritz Surf lifesaving provide to its volunteers the following:

  • continuous training to maintain the bets level, with additional and specialized training.
  • First Aid equipment following the EU standards.
  • First Aid uniforms within the FFSS standards.
  • Training documentation and communication (media content, internet website, blogs).

Once on board, you will develop your first aid skills with professionals, and you will be doing a true national citizen service.

If you want a rich experience helping others, please join us and commit for a good cause: To save lives!

To become a lifesaver, please contact Clément by email at:


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