First Aid Instructor
Continuing training

The continuing training is open to any adult, holder of the Prevention & Civic Aid Instructor or the First Aid Instructor up to date of its continuing training and who wishes to have a training activity, a professional, volunteer or voluntary member of a public body or an accredited civil safety association.

It allows to teach the following trainings: Prevention & Civic Aid, Team First Aid 1 & 2 and their continuing training.

Continuing training of trainers is open to a “Prevention & Civic Aid” or “First Aid” instructor who is up to date with his Continuing Training.

Duration: 6 hours minimum

At the end of the training, the participant must be able to organize a training sequence, to carry out, comment on and justify the actions and actions to be taken from a training unit Prevention and Civic Aid Level 1 and First Aid in Team (level 1 or level 2 ); to implement pedagogical techniques adapted to facilitate a training sequence; to carry out an evaluation of the participants

The training program is spread over 5 years and incorporates teaching techniques for learning first aid actions.


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