On Tuesday, October 19, we organized a video to present the logistics of the trip to the World Championships in Riccione, in 2022. You can view the replay HERE.

More information on the official website.

The ILS cancelled the Interclub Championships, the surfboat, the SERC and the IRB.

Only masters and nations are preserved.
The nations will take place over 6 days instead of 4, which postpones the masters from 21 to 26 September.

However !! 

3 categories will be opened during the Masters: 15/19, 20/24, 25/29 years old to allow the athletes of the clubs to confront each other at the international level and avoid a gap from 2018 to 2024 without international events.

The events will be held only individually: no relay, no team, no club points => Details to come.

Please find attached the official documents of the ILS.